The best Jazz show ever. PipJazz at Bedlam Theater in Lowertown St. Paul, 5/9/15. Jordan Anderson, keys; the brilliant Claire Altendahl on guitar; DeCarlo Jackson, horn; Lee Tran, sax; Edmund Catlin, drums; Charlie Lincoln, bass; Walter Hampton VI (Virtual Intrument), sax, keys, and the amazing Pippi Ardennia

Pippi Ardennia & Jo Schad - I put a spell on you at The Bedlam Lowertown - August 2015

In this 42nd episode of "Amp It Up," Jazz/Blues Singer/Songwriter Pippi Ardennia and the Youth Experience showcase three of their most soulful songs. In addition to Miss Pippi, the other musicians featured on this episode are violinist Zosha Warpeha, Cellist Freeman Ryan, Keyboardist/Arranger Jo Shad, and Drummer Glenn Swanson. Produced and directed by Shawn Vougeot, and hosted by Colleen Fuentes, "Amp It Up" grants special acknowledgments to Associate Producer Dan Mundt, Sound Engineer Andrew Hein, and Camera Operators Dave Cisneros, Mark Esslinger, and Antonio Sepeda.

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